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That was ep-HICK!!!

I knew it was going to be great before I even watched it.. seeing as I already follow the website.

TerminalMontage responds:

Oh thank you <3


I think it awesome that you can take the time to make some really good small humor from here to there.

I know atleast some people understand that not every cartoon that you make is supposed to be a masterful piece of art. Because of the kind of community this is its humorous to see this pop up in congruence to the other cartoon.
I'd say it was perfect comedic timing.

as far as the people crying racist, I'm sure they can't muster up the courage to even write something like that on paper.
You're a comedian, and either everything is funny or nothing is.

Great Stuff.

Awesome Flash.

I Thinks its really funny how all the people who gave this flash a bad score or review think they are intellectual critique geniuses, in the manner of "Im apologizing for giving this a bad score but you should be grateful someone like me is reviewing it because I can write long paragraphs and big words."


Anyway, I loved it. Its always great to be able to hop on newgrounds when Im bored and be able to watch something entertaining like this. Great job.


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Great game, and the music aint bad either.

Im not that into to side scrolling shooters let alone bullet hell shooters, but I have played Ikaruga once or twice so I knew what I was getting into.

Obviously played on easy mode and still couldn't win, It is definately a game of concentration and pattern recoginition and I guess I'm just not good at that on the fly but I still had fun playing it. Also the level 4 boss creeped the ever lovin' shit out of me before raining sweet death upon me.

I appreciate you considering some of my music for the game and hope they enhanced the gaming experience... I know EF's boss battle did....

Artsy & unoriginal

I wish we could make a boundary to how far "art" games can go before they aren't actually games.

I logged on to newgrounds today to have some fun but instead got a "game" that consisted of holding down the Right button and dealing with "consequences" that are not of my control in the game and frankly aren't even coherent to the choices that I made.

Its almost like you just wan't us to play this "game" so you can impose an impossible chance of winning or success to spew a message that I don't even rightly understand.

On the bright side, you saved me the trouble of not having to play it again by not having that replay button thing.

try a little harder next time.

Simplisticly Fun

Its was great. Before I knew it, I was playing this game for 30 minutes or so.

really good job. I don't have anything else to say.


ZuiGe responds:

Glad you liked it! 30mins wow :D

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Wonderful stuff!

Brings me back to the good old days of toting around that annoying little baby. My favorite thing in the piece is the metallic percussion you applied perfectly. And also a nice use of the DSK choirs plugin.

blackrose96 responds:

Thank you so much. It's the little details that make a big difference. I use Magnus Choir and I mix in a few of my own voices as well to make it sound a little less like a plugin.

Not bad.

Sound pretty groovy. Like a suedo-matrix drum beat in the back.

Awesome stuff man!

I don't know why, but I just wasn't really feeling the chord progression you were using in this piece. But that is pretty much my only beef.

Keep up the good work.

JoelSem responds:

Thanks for not docking points for something related to personal taste :D. Of course, thanks for your time as well.

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